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Here’s where you’ll find all sorts of various crazy Lego builds that I’ve done over the years!

Breaking Bad Lego Heisenberg Silhouette

I’m a huge fan of Breaking Bad, and here is a quick Heisenber, or Heisenblock silhouette that I made some time ago.  A T-Shirt of this design can be purchased at the website


    KNVB Logo & Netherland Flag

During the 2014 World Cup I decided to cheer for my Netherland football team by making an lDraw Lego version of the KNVB (Koninklijke Nederlandse Voetbalbond, or Royal Dutch Football Association) logo atop the Dutch flag.


    KNVB-Wing Star Wars Star Fighter

Another Star Wars mash-up!  The KNVB-Wing is equipped with main laser cannons, 20 Torpedoes in the Torpedo launcher, and Soccer-Ball bombs, and a rotating laser cannon on top. The ship has a Pilot, Astromech droid, and Gunner/Bomber.




Pilots and DRoid ORN2-G2

    Canadian Flag

Okay, a not so crazy lDraw creation I made on July 1st, Canada Day, to show off the other half of my proud heritage, being a Canadian!

Lego Canadian Flag

    Lego Dave Grohl

Here’s an lDraw Lego version of Dave Grohl, from Nirvana and The Foo Fighters!

Lego Dave Grohl
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