Winter Village Title

After receiving the awesome Santa’s Workshop Lego Set for Christmas, I decided to build my own Lego Christmas Village!

    Dutchie’s Bakery & Windmill

Dutchies Exterior Front View

Dutchies View From Left

Dutchies View From Right

Dutchies Rear View

Dutchies Interior

Dutchies Interior Closeup, Fireplace Oven on Right Wall

Dutchies Windmill and Bakery Interior

Dutchies Sign, consisting of Dutch Flag and Border Collie

I’ve always wanted to build a windmill, and I missed out on the earlier Bakery Winter Village Lego set, so I thought I would combine the two into Dutchie’s Bakery.  The bakery is named after my brothers first Border Collie Dutch.

    Noteworthy’s Musical Instruments, Rockin’ Rick’s Records, and WOLF FM Radio Station

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This building combines three musically themed creations, a musical instrument shop, a record shop, and a radio station.  The DJ of WOLF FM is none other then Wolfman Jack, one of my favorite DJ’s growing up!

Building Exterior - WOLF FM, Noteworthys Musical Instruments, Rockin' Rick's Records

Building Exterior - WOLF Fm Sign

Overall Interior

Noteworthys Interior Closeup - Guitar Display On Wall, Gibson Sign

Noteworthys Interior Closeup - Keyboard, Guitar Strings on Wall, Violin Case, Bagpipes, Horns

Noteworthys Interior Closeup

Noteworthys Sign Closeup

Noteworthys Top View - Gretsch Drum Set On Display In Front Window

Rockin' Rick's Interior - Record Player, Various Records

Rockin' Rick's Interior - Includes Back In Block by ACDC Amongst Various Other Classic Records

Rockin' Rick's Top View -  Note Weird Al Yankovic Album and Now Playing - Tom Petty & The Heartbrickers Damn The Torpedoes!

Rockin' Rick's Records Sign Closeup

WOLF Radio Station - Waiting Area with Chair and Table, Record Shelves, DJ Studio with Desk and Wolfman Jack

WOLF Radio Station - Wolfman Jack at Desk, On Air Sign Outside of Studio

WOLF Radio Station DJ Desk with Record Player, Microphone and Mixing Board

WOLF Radio Station Interior Top View

    St. Moe’s Church

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While I am no longer religous, I've always loved churches, and I figured every Winter Village needs one so I built St. Moe's Church. St. Moe I believe was the patron saint of the face slap, or maybe it was the eye poke? At any rate, the church features stained glass windows, pews, altar, lecturn, candle, and and organ.

St. Moe's Front Exterior

St. Moe's Right Side View

St. Moe's Left Side View

St. Moes Front Closeup

St. Moe's Interior View with Roof & Bell Tower Removed

Interior Closeup, Right Side of Church

St. Moes Altar Closeup With Father Howard

St. Moes Entrance

St. Moes Interior

Oragnist & Organ

St. Moes Sign And Main Gate

    Malone’s Pub & Final Frontier Comics & Collectables

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This building is a pub and comic book store.   Malone's is named after good old Sam Malone from Cheers, one of my favorite shows, and Final Frontier is named after one of my favorite Sci-Fi shows, hence the USS Enterprise on the sign! The pub features a fireplace, dartboard, Star Wars Pinball. Final Frontier features all sorts of comics and collectables, including mini-models of a Millenium Falcon from Star Wars and a Colonial Viper from Battlestar Galactica. The various Star Wars weapons are from the excellent website, while the Cyberman head and Sonic Screwdriver are from Character Options Doctor Who line.

Exterior Building Front

Building Exterior, With British 'Bobby' Policeman and Red Phone Booth

Exterior Building Left View

British Style Red Phone Booth

Malone's Pub & Final Frontier Interior

Malone's Pub - Interior Top View

Malone's Pub Bar Closeup, Bartender and Beer Taps

Malone's Pub Bar Closeup, LCD TV above Fireplace, Dartboard on Left Wall

Malone's Pub Bar Interior

Malone's Pub Left Wall Closeup - Indiana Jones playing Star Wars Pinball in Corner

Malone's Pub Sign Closeup

Malone's Pub - Bar Closeup

Final Frontier Interior Closeup

Final Frontier Right Wall With Raiders Of The Lost Ark Poster, Various Other Collectables

Final Frontier Miniature Millenium Falcon

Final Frontier Interior Top View

Final Frontier Mini Tardis & Viper From Battlestar Galactica

Final Frontier Sign With Mini Enterprise From Star Trek

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    The Park Movie Theater And Tim Hortons

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For my 2015 Winter Village addition I found inspiration from the other huge event happening at Christmas, the release of Star Wars The Force Awakens.  I decided to create a movie theater showing The Force Awakens.  Being Canadian, I decided to put a Tim Hortons beside it.  I borrowed the chandelier design from the fantastic Modular Building 10211 Grand Emporium set, and it hangs in the lobby of the theater.  The Park is named after a long-gone local theater that I have fond memories of, long before the multiplex theaters the Park was the best cinema in town!  The billboard is a shout out to my friends company Start, which is the best Internet service in town!

The Park Theater and Tim Hortons

Closeup of The Park sign and marquee.

The Start billboard atop the roof.

Tim Hortons Front.

Coming Soon Movie Posters For Captain America Civil War, Sherlock The Abominable Bride, and the Now Playing Poster for Star Wars The Force Awakens.

Side View.

Side View.

Interior of The Park and Tim Hortons.

Theater Roof and Tim Hortons Roof Remove to View Interior.

Tim Hortons Interior Features A  Menu And Donuts.

Tim Hortons Interior.

Tim Hortons Interior.

Theater Interior.

Theater Interior.

Theater Interior.

Lobby Interior Features a Desk To Sell Tickets and Snack Bar.

Snack Bar Features Menu, Popcorn Machine and Drink Machine.

Closeup of Chandelier.

Lobby Interior.

    Gordon Ramsay’s Fish & Chips, North Pole Pets, and Wayne & Garth’s Apartment

I found the inspiration for my 2016 Winter Village creation while on vacation earlier in the year in Las Vegas.  Gordon Ramsay had just opened his newest restaurant Gordon Ramsay’s Fish & Chips on the Linq, and the minute I saw it I envisioned it in Lego!  The other half of the model features North Pole Pets, and below that is the North Pole apartment of Wayne and Garth, where they can film the Christmas Edition of Wayne’s World!

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Front of Gordon Ramsay's Fish & Chips, North Pole Pets, Wayne & Garth's Apartment

Left Side of Gordon Ramsay's Fish & Chips, North Pole Pets, Wayne & Garth's Apartment

Right Side Of  Gordon Ramsay's Fish & Chips, North Pole Pets, Wayne & Garth's Apartment

Side of North Pole Pets & Wayne & Garth's Apartment

Side Of Gordon Ramsay's Fish & Chips

Closeup of North Pole Pets and Rock Embankment

Closeup of Gordon Ramsay's Fish & Chips Front

Closeup of Sign, Modeled After The Real One In Las Vegas

When Time Travellers Meet!  The Sixth Doctor meets Marty McFly!

Marty McFly & The Doctor

Closeup of Gordon Ramsay's Fish & Chips Entrance

Rear View

Front Of North Pole Pets

Closeup of Apartment Entrance.

Roof of Gordon Ramsay's Fish & Chips Can Be Removed

Roof Of North Pole Pets Can Be Removed

Interior of North Pole Pets

The Owner Of The Shop Is Binky Binkerton.  He Love To Dress-Up As A Bunny.  Binky Is Serving Penlope Smallbottom Who Has Brought Her Pet Dog Poochy In For A Treat!  Bunnies, Kitties, and Pauly The Parrot Are All For Sale!

Little Jimmy Is Looking At The Husky And Scottish Terrier That Are For Sale.

North Pole Pets Lifts Off

Wayne's World!  Wayne's World!  Party Time!  Excellent!  Behold, Wayne and Garth's North Pole Apartment Studio!  The Apartment Features Wayne's Chair, Garth's Sofa, A Fridge, Camera & Camera Dudette, And Various Pictures On The Wood Panelled Walls!

Lego Wayne & Garth!  Party On Wayne, Party On Garth!

Closeup of Garth, With His Aerosmith T-Shirt And Drumsticks!

Lovely Lita Is The Camera Operator!  Shwing!

Top View Of The Apartment

Top View Of The Apartment

Wayne's Top 10 List Of Crappy Christmas Gifts!

Interior of Gordon Ramsay's Fish & Chips, Featuring a Kitche, Seating, and British Flags On The Walls!  The Interior Is Not Based On The Interior Of The Actual Las Vegas Restaurant, I Created My Own

Top View Of Restaurant

Another Top View Of Restaurant

The Menu Board Is Based Of The Real Menu

The Chef Himself, Gordon Ramsay!